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We’re having a baby … girl!!!

Hello whoever is reading this! Laura here. Thought I’d get on here and write my first post, after Pete has patiently explained how this whole thing works and has set me up properly.. Here goes!

We had some wonderful news yesterday, following a trip to the Obstetricians and a scan that we were hugely looking forward to. It appears that we are having a little baby girl!!! The doctor was about 80% certain: baby wouldn’t fully uncross her legs (she’s a lady of course!) but nevertheless doc seemed pretty confident. In any case this will be verified at our detailed 20 week scan (when all the organs and body parts are checked) on the 28th of November. Now we can properly decide on a name and buy a few lovely things for our little one! Girls names are far easier too.

Pete brilliantly took a video of the scan yesterday, so that we could have a record. You may be able to hear our doctor’s voice in the background, as well as mine. Her name is Dr. Evelina Wong, and in addition to being highly professional, she’s a really lovely, softly-spoken lady, with a very kind disposition. I’m so glad we came across her.. Nice for baby when she first emerges into the world to see a friendly, smiling face..

So here is the video of our little one at 4 months (thanks Pete!). Hope you enjoy it as much as we did! – Laura x x x