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Project Idea: minit

minit [-o project_option1 -o project_option2 val ... ] project_type project_name

minit sets up projects for you, utilising native generators where available (e.g. `jasmine init`). It can also initialize cvs repositories for your project on github, bitbucket or google code; create packages on npm or jquery-plugins.

Project types include:

Options for all projects include:

minit can be configured by editing the ~/.minit file. Configuration options include repository host user details, and global options for “jasmine”, “local”, etc.

Why not Grunt / Make / Rake / Jake / etc?

Minit will *only ever generate the setup*, and then defers to the best tool for the job. It’s similar to `grunt init`, but less specific to JS. It’s clear focus is to ease the process of setting up projects, not to manage them.