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The Best Chocolate Milkshake I’ve ever had – thanks Cioconat Lounge!

I had the best chocolate milkshake of my life last night, at the Cioconat Lounge in Dabouq. The staff were extremely friendly, there was an mix of (mostly) chic Ammanis, foreigners and even a couple of families. We had a very pleasant “two apples” arghile, and my wife’s chai latte was also really nice too.

I was struck by the fact that the charcoal guy was incredibly proficient both at handling his material and also making sure that every smokers bowl was regularly tended, but in a way that would never be allowed in the UK since he regularly swung his bowl of hot coals to aerate them. More fool the Brits, really.

Nice as the drinks were, I must admit that what really made the experience great was sitting outside enjoying the cool evening (that means 11pm around here!) air – we probably wouldn’t be too bothered about going to one of the other franchises that exist in the local malls.