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Being and Hiring a Freelancer in the Middle East

If you are a freelancer, or a business looking to hire some talent, in the Middle East – you should really check out the newly revamped TasmeemME, or read on to find out more about the site.

TasmeemME allows freelancers to post their profiles and portfolios, and businesses to post jobs. So far, so good – it comes with the usual set of tools for communicating with prospective collaborators. What makes TasmeemME something really special for me is their personal touch. This is really quite intrinsic to the nature of business in the Middle East, even aside from the extremes of wasta , a lot gets done here based on who you know as much as what you know. TasmeemME aim to interview every freelancer and business that signs up, and to personally meet as many as possible.

In their native Amman they are tightly integrated into the creative and tech scene. Some of the people involved give regular talks, they maintain an open workspace (full disclosure: I use their workspace!) have close links to startup success stories like Jeeran and others.

You can follow them on twitter, view their facebook page , or even sign up to the actual site !

To top it all – my current favourite artist, El Seed, has a portfolio on the site .