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How to reinstall a deleted app in the Mac App Store on Mavericks

I had some trouble with Keynote 6 hanging after I upgraded it when I installed Mavericks.

I (somewhat stupidly) thought it would be a simple matter of deleting Keynote.app from the Applications folder and using the App Store to reinstall it. Not so simple. Deleting the app doesn’t let the App Store know that it’s been deleted and needs reinstalling.

The best way I could find was to open the App Store, and choose “View my account” from the Store menu.

From there you’ll see an “iTunes in the Cloud” section, and you need to choose the “Manage” link.

OK – now there’s a list of apps that have been “hidden” for any reason. You should now be able to “unhide” it.

I had to actually reboot at this point, and when I got back into the App Store, Keynote was there and no longer incorrectly reported as “Installed” – I finally had the choice of installing it, which I did.

Oh – and this fixed my problems with Keynote always hanging on opening or creating a document as well.