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David Allen’s Getting Things Done on the iPhone, synced with iCal

If you are a fan of GTD, use a Mac and an iPhone, then there’s a great pair of apps you can get that seamlessly sync all your projects and tasks, and that will update your iCal while you’re at it.

Things from Cultured Code also comes as an iPhone app, and the duo update each other fairly well. They miss out on being being “excellent” because the iPhone-to-mac syncing only happens when both your devices are on the same wifi network, and short of closing one of the pair and re-opening it, I can’t fnd a way of forcing a sync to happen whenever you would like.

That being said, they do both work extremely well. The desktop version has a very nice quick-entry interface which feels a little bit like Quicksilver (and is accessed by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Space) which is a nice touch. Both apps use “dock badge” numbers although the number shown can only be customised on the desktop version which lets you set the number as Due, Due+Today and Due+Today+Inbox; the iPhone dock badge will only show Due+Today so personally although I would like the full count I leave the setting so that both are the same.

Neither app is free. The desktop client is (at the current exchange rate) £37.13 ($49.95) and you can buy Things from the App Store for £5.99 ($7.99). The desktop version is also available as a 5-license bundle for £55.72 ($74.95)