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Review of the WordPress blogging client for the iPhone

Having just got myself an iphone, I thought I’d test out the wordpress blogging client.

I must admit that although it’s ok for short posts I can’t imagine I’m going to be writing any very long posts on a touchscreen keyboard (although I am starting to get the hang of it even after only two days of light use). Please pardon any smelling pistakes!

The application is open source, which I’ll definitely appreciate if I ever get around to building an app myself.

You can work with multiple blogs, both self hosted and on wordpress.com. Once you have set up a blog you configure the amount of recent posts to show, I found that he default 10 was a usefaul number

When writing a post, you can set both the tags and choose from the current categories or create ones. Draft posts are saved locally, and when you have finished editing you can either publish immediately or at some future date. You can alternatively set the post as a draft or pending review, which will upload it to the server.

There is also support for adding images to posts – from the photo library or a new shot although no ability to control where in the post the images appear – you only get them defaulting to the bottom of the post.

Overall I would say that the app is as good as the iPhone allows.