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Salmon stew with honey, mustard and thyme

I fancied something different for dinner, and without much in the cupboards managed to come up with this delicious, and very healthy, dish that couldn’t be simpler to make.


• 4 salmon fillets
• several sprigs of tenderstem brocolli, some french beans, or other green
• good cherry tomatoes
• wholegrain mustard
• honey
• thyme
• white wine (optional)


Turn the oven on, quite hot (200 degrees or more).

Cut the salmon into good sized chunks, and the veg however you like – chuck all this in an oven dish with a lid.

Mix a good tablespoon or so of honey with a couple of good teaspoons of mustard, a teaspoon of thyme and some salt and pepper with either 200ml of white wine (or water) and a tablespoon of cornflour (or normal plain flour). Combine very well, pour over the fish and vegetables and stir.

Cover and put in the oven.

After about 25 minutes crack the lid and stir again. Cook for a further 15 minutes.

Serve with rice. Yum!