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If We Had A Web Of Data I Would Build …

Georgi Kobilarov has a post up asking what would you build with a function web of data and I have a few ideas. These all need fleshing out (and probably spell-checking ;), but if I didn’t post them now I might never get round to it!


I think there are a few ways you could use a web of linked data to make online grocery shopping better – comparing prices across stores, create shopping lists from recipes, and get recipes from lists of goods.


With jobs and resumés available as linked data, recruitment could become much more machine-enabled, giving managers better abilities to find people themselves rather than relying on agents who don’t always understand their clients’ business or industry. It could also help people looking for work in a similar way. Types of skill, training and qualification could also be linked in, as could “linkedin” style personal recommendations.


Serious attempts have been made at making learning materials shareable and reusable. As part of the data web, finding and consuming these materials becomes easier but more than that we could build a development plan generator. Competency can be aligned to skills or training received, something that could be useful to government departments, schools, universities and business.