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Adobe CS3 “licensing for this product has stopped working” fix

After getting a new computer, and restoring my old system from a Time Machine backup, I found my Adobe Web Premium CS3 stopped working. Every application I started (Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, etc) gave the error message:

Licensing for this product has stopped working.

After following every suggestion I could find in Adobe’s knowledge base and various online articles, I still couldn’t get any of the applications to start.

As a final act of complete desperation, after many rounds of removal-reboot-reinstall, I finally ran the installer and chose a product that I had not installed before (Contribute). Once that was done I started up the new app, and it asked me for my license key – which I entered and the app started. Then I tried Photoshop and it started up fine!

So – if you didn’t do a complete install int he first place, one of the easiest things could be to add a new app to your install, and get that to reset your licensing for you.