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Firefox 3 RC1 Extensions

Now that Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 is out, I’ve decided to give it a proper trial.

I had tried running Firefox 2 and 3 in parallel on my macbook, but found that 3 would always try and become the default browser, which annoyed me enough to get rid of it. Now though I’ve gone the whole hog and, while I do have FF 2 hanging around, I’m using 3 full time. The upshot is that I’ve been poking around at what extensions are available for average everyday webmonkey (btw – did you see that webmonkey is back ?) and have been updated to work with FF 3 RC 1. Here’s my current list of installed extensions.

Update: 7th May 2008: these all work for Firefox 3 RC 2

AdBlock Plus
A pre-requisite for surfing the public web. Ads are so 20th century!
Advanced Eye Dropper, Colour Picker and more. Brilliant stuff.
Delicious Bookmarks
Plugs your browser nicely into your delicious account.
Firebug 1.2 Beta
Indispensable. Nuff said.
Googlebar Lite
Ahhh, so much nicer than the big G’s own attempt.
Sort of like your bookmarks, but actually saves the pages down to your hard drive for offline viewing. You can edit-before-capture and even spider whole sites (or sections thereof). Really quite nice.
TamperData is to HTTP what Firebug is to the DOM.
Web Developer Toolbar
An oldie but a VERY goodie! Manage CSS, find stuff and another hot tip – until MeasureIt is updated for FF 3, it also has it’s own ruler system (in the Miscellaneous menu).