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Suspicious (Ex-Pat) Package

Once we’d booked our flights, I set about trying to find work – mostly using www.monster.com.sg – and it didn’t turn out to be too hard.

I was offered a job working for a local startup company, whose business is in rich media and financial reporting.  Since I’m working for a local company, and haven’t been sent to Singapore by a large corporate, I don’t get all the package benefits that such people do (accommodation paid for, flights ‘home’, etc).

That being said, my wages should be fine for us to have a good life on, and if L should do some work (currently she’s thinking about retraining) it would just be a bonus.  Also we’ll be keeping our flat in London, and renting it out, so all in all we’re in a fairly stable position (credit crunch notwithstanding).

The other option for us would have taken quite a bit of doing.  The most likely route would have been to start getting work for financial organisations here in London, instead of mostly media ones, and then work on a posting out to Singapore from there working for the same company.  This could have taken years and would not have been much fun – so all in all we’re pretty happy with the way things have worked out.

Oh yes, I also get some stock options in the startup so if things do go well and the company floats then we might do very well indeed!