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The Goodbye Europe Tour

One of the nicest bits of the lead-up to leaving for Singapore has been the wonderful Summer we’ve had, and in fact I’d almost recommend anyone to leave their roots purely for an excuse to see everyone and everything they care about nearby.

Between us we will have been up and down the UK, and also Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and even flew to Alderney (a Channel Island) in the space of about four months; catching up with friends and family and seeing some sights.  We even took a ride on the London Eye to wave goodbye to The Big Smoke.  Actually it was quite a lot of fun (it probably helped that it was our wedding anniversary).

We have arranged a meeting with a lot of our friends a couple of days before we leave – which should be great fun – but such things are always a case of giving each person 5 minutes of your time so that you see everybody.  It’s been really lovely to catch up with individuals and smaller groups as we’ve gone along.