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Welcome to the Frozen Sticks

This might sounds ridiculous, but we were cold for the first time since we arrived (3 weeks ago) last night.

We went to the Cinema – The Picture House, which is part of the Cathay Cineplex – and the air conditioning was so strong, coupled with sitting still for two hours, that we relished the baking 11pm heat as we left.  This pleasure was soon curtailed by another freakishly-strong-ac-setup in the taxi on the way home, but I guess since it makes you appreciate the heat which sometimes feels stifling it’s no bad thing.

We went to see “ Welcome to the Sticks ” (Bienvenue Chez les Ch’tis) a not-too-taxing french comedy about a confirmed southerner having to move to … “The North”.  Given that Les Ch’tis (the name of the people and the language from the region) are thought to be rough, uncultured, french-fry-eating, alcoholic simpletons who exist in a near-frozen wasteland I sort of felt like the protagonist had in fact landed himself in the UK, and felt right at home.