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That’s for the Birds … and the people

Just got back from a visit to Jurong Bird Park, and it was excellent!

Aside form the very typical Singaporean boast of the “largest manmade waterfall in the world” the park contains some real wonders, set out along very easy-to-follow lines.  Sometimes that’s by region, and sometimes by order; for example “African Plains” is one area while “Parrot Paradise” covers a form of bird found in many places.

They also have a regular set of “shows”, including watching birds being fed and also some set in an anphitheatre.  We caught an excellent one – supposedly for children – that demonstrated some of the intelligence and playfullness of a series of parrots.

All in all a really nice day out, and I’d definitely rate it above the Night Safari.

We’ve uploaded some pictures of the birds .